Crown Styles

Cap Profiles for 6-Panel
The cap profile is the shape of the cap as it looks from the side. Specifically the shape of the front panels. The low profile cap slopes back from the visor to fit the contour of your head better. The medium profile cap falls somewhere between the low and the high profile and is our most popular cap. The high profile cap has a much taller crown in the front and has more room for decoration.

5-Panel Caps

Essentially the same profiles for the 6-panel caps are available for the 5 panel caps. The 5-panel cap is designed so there there is little or no seam on the front of the crown, This allows for us to decorate the front of the crown with printing or a heat transfer process.

6-Panel Mesh Back with Medium Profile
Structured 6-Panel with medium Profile
Unstructured Low Profile 6-Panel