Getting Started

There are hundreds of options to consider when ordering headwear. At Performance we want to make sure that you are confident your decisions are based on accurate and intelligent information. Since most customers try to get product that is unique we carry very little in-house inventory. We specialize in producing custom caps for each customer.

As complicated at is may seem, the process of producing custom headwear is actually pretty simple.

1) Decide on the design and style of the cap. If you are not familiar with headwear let our creative department help you. We offer our creative service free to our customers. We understand that the multitude of options available in headwear can be overwhelming, and understanding current trends can be a big task in itself. That is why we have staffed our creative department with some of the best in the industry. Our creative department will work with you to develop the product exactly the way you want it and make sure the specs are easily translated for the factory. We will also submit the artwork to the factory for accurate quotation.

2) Once the artwork is signed off on, we order a pre-production sample for you to review. We want to make sure that the sample is correct in every way. This allows you a chance to see the product as it should look when finished. A 50% deposit is required at this time to proceed with production.

3) Production: Once you have approved the pre-production sample, we will place the order with the factory. The factory will reply to our order with a confirmation of receipt and a ship date. This will allow us to put your order on our production calendar and to notify you of any changes that my occur during production.

4) Shipping and Customs: Our shipping department will handle freight and customs clearance to the US port. Freight from port to final destination will be by UPS ground unless otherwise noted.

We would love to get you started on your next imported headwear project. Let our staff show you why we are Performance Headwear.

Example of actual artwork spec sheet. Click to enlarge.
Production sample from above artwork. Click to enlarge.